Primary Sports Program

Our INNOFIT programme offers sports instruction and practice in diverse skills through developmentally appropriate activities specially designed for children in the primary grades. These fundamental skills include gross motor skills, body management skills, space awareness skills, manipulative and non-manipulative skills. INNOFIT addresses the growing needs of schools, parents and children for a 360 high quality learning experience.
It has been observed that by encouraging active participation in a positive, non-threatening classroom atmosphere, children show improvement in physical skills and fitness as well as social skills. Under the guidance and supervision of our expert coaches, children are inspired to achieve desired levels of skill and fitness. 

Programme Highlights

  • Age appropriate and structured curriculum for children between 6 to 10 years of age
  • Student teacher Ratio 25: 1
  • Exposure to multiple sports for future talent identification
  • Programme includes body and spatial awareness, locomotors and non-locomotors skills, directionality, pathways, levels and tempos, balance, small and large objects manipulation, flexibility, agility and strength.
  • Recreational, Inter House and Inter school competitions
  • Promotes lifelong Physical fitness and a healthy and active lifestyle.
  • Healthance Report Card various physical and skill tests
  • Some activities included in the curriculum to achieve the desired objectives are Parachute play, Manipulative play, Balancing, Rhythmic and Expressive Activities Stunts and Tumbling, etc…

Curriculum Philosophy and Teaching Methodology

INNO FIT programme is scientifically designed on HRPF Theory i.e. Health related physical fitness. HRPF includes activities associated with some aspect of overall good health or disease prevention like, aerobic fitness, body composition,muscular strength enduranceand lower back and hamstring muscular flexibility.
It includes teaching basic skill fundamentals, development of Gross motor skills & Manipulative skills through fun games and hand on experience, incorporating fun decision-making games to enhance overall development.

Use of Equipments

Equipments are critical components of a quality physical and sports education programme. They not only provide tools needed to keep sufficient number of students involved in a particular activity, but it can also be used to differentiate instruction, increase the levels of students participating and their enjoyment of PE and sports, and build an individual’s self-confidence and self-efficacy.







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